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  • July 19, 2019
  • Post Surgery Massage Therapy and How It Helps Recovery to Full Fitness

    By and large, there will be some of the injuries that as a sportsman you may happen to suffer that will demand that you go for surgery in order for you to be able to return to activity in the sport in particular and at times even for general activity. Some of the questions that many often ask include those such as the duration of time it may take for them to recover and the kind of rehabilitation plan that they would have.

    For a good number, this would often involve a regime of some physiotherapy and a step by step process to return to full activity. As a matter of fact, when it comes to the best of the post surgery massage clinics, in these you will of course find some of the best of the treatment plans and options so as to ensure that there is created a perfect plan that will result in full recovery. By and large, one of the services that will be availed in such clinics for post surgery rehabilitation would be the massage therapies.

    For many, massage therapies have been known for the mere need to relax and work out some of the knotted muscles but the fact is that there is a world of a difference between relaxation massages and the massages that are targeted for recovery from injuries and rehabilitation. The following are some of the things that you need to appreciate and as such see the need for you to consider massage as part of your post surgery recovery plans.

    First and foremost, massage will help reduce the swelling and pain that often follow a surgery. There will often be some swelling and a general feeling of inflammation around the surgical site. These massage therapies will often be in the form of the manual lymphatic drainage techniques such as nodal pumping, Swedish massages directed towards the heart and passive range of motion and with them, there is achieved a reduction in the levels of lymphatic and interstitial fluids around the surgery site which then reduces pain and tightness around those areas which then makes them so pivotal and helpful for your recovery needs post surgery.

    One other reason why it would be so beneficial for you to ensure that you have incorporated these kinds of massages, the post surgery massage therapies to your recovery and rehabilitation plans, is looking at the fact that they go a long way in helping you improve on your range of motion at the end of the day. Oftentimes, surgeries on parts such as your joint areas, be it the hips, shoulders, knees and the like, result in such a limit to one’s range of motion, especially on those areas around that concerned joint.

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